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Cecilia Pettersson

Please welcome our new collaboration with the Swedish artist Cecilia Pettersson! For So Typical Me Cecilia has prepared 4 new patterns that are waiting to be chosen as front and back covers. Cecilia’s illustrations are all about the nature and its beauty regardless the season. Wild herbs and playful abstract designs – feel free to try them all! Choose one that best describes your inner self and don’t forget to add all the extras to make something truly special.

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Cecilia Pettersson kalenteri tai muistikirjasi

Cecilia Pettersson is a Swedish designer and artist, living and working in Gothenburg, Sweden. She is specialized in prints and patterns, with a master’s degree in design. Cecilia has a passion for pens, she has a whole collection of those. With a help of a pen’s tip, lots of details appear in her drawings. Her method usually involves drawing by hand first and adding the final details on the computer later.

The more intricate a pattern is, the more she enjoys working with it. Cecilia admits she is totally obsessed with patterns. It fascinates her how a small repetition can take over a big surface. Her inspiration comes from the nature and all the things that grow.

Cecilia has a small web shop where she sells designs under her own label. At the same time, she works as a freelance designer for other companies. You can see more of Cecilia’s work on her website and on Instagram.

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