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Carmi Grau

The charming new options for your front and back covers created by the German lettering artist Carmi Grau are now available to you! Highlight your true self with Carmi’s magical messages! Are you a dreamer or a wild soul? There are options for y’all to make your custom planner or notebook unique and unmistakably yours. Pick a couple for your front and back covers, add a layout of your choice and you’re good to go!

You can find Carmi’s illustrations under the category “Collaborations” at step 1 and 3 in our online tool. No matter which covers you choose; we hope you’ll enjoy the process of creating your custom planner or notebook!

Luo Nyt
Carmi Grau kalenteri tai muistikirjasi

Growing up in a small town surrounded by fields and trees, Carmi started drawing as a child and learned to see beauty and inspiration all around her. She is especially passionate about illustration and lettering, layouts and fonts in a vintage style. Carmi finds inspiration in so many things: loved ones, everyday moments and sounds, landscapes - just to name a few. “I treat each day as an opportunity to observe and collect impressions, like little snapshots”, says Carmi. Translating these impressions, feelings and emotions into colors and shapes is one of the preferred parts in her creative process. Drawing digitally has become an essential part of Carmi’s process although she still enjoys drawing on paper and exploring other media.

Carmi hopes that the illustrations selected for So Typical Me will make people feel seen, affirmed and not alone. She wants her work to provide hope, comfort, and inspiration which is so important in today’s fast digital world.

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